Crafty Goodness...

on Friday, November 28, 2008

So of course, Maternal Creations was a blast. :) I love getting to meet other local mama crafters. There is such a wealth of talented women here!
I chose a modest little table near the entrance, it worked out quite nicely. It was a great spot to oogle all of the passing babies :)

Some of Friday night's other amazingly talented mamas:
Owl & Pussycat and Roza - human-made things

I also ventured out with the kids to show the Saturday vendors some love. The usual suspects were there, and some new as well. The lighting was a little better for photo taking, being during the day instead of the evening.
One of a Handful, Little Bird Designs, Astarte Designs, and ?? (i missed the name)

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Phoenix said...

oh cute tables! i've never been in a craft show. and i really should so i can make some moolah, i am just lazy as bones.