Spin, spin, spin...

on Sunday, November 30, 2008

Recently, I was pleased to discover a large package on my doorstep. My mod swap gift from a fellow hyenacart forum moderator. Inside was such a wealth of goodies! A wonderful purse in my all-time favorite fabric, some funny knitting themed bumper stickers, a drop spindle and some lovely roving. Even a little sample of tussah silk - divine!

I broke in to one of the rovings right away, following a video on youtube for instruction. In a matter of two hours, or so, I'd turned a little pile of roving into a beautiful, relatively even bulky yarn. (stopping once to stop keilyn from cutting the other roving more than she already had and usher the kids off to bed *blush* lesson learned, I shouldn't be trying to learn a new craft when the kids are awake)

The next day, I busted into the next roving... which had been cut in to 5 sections by my little sweet pea. This definately increased the difficulty and the time required to make this yarn. it did not turn out nearly as even as the first yarn, but there are some very interesting colour changes.
Like I needed another craft :P

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Anonymous said...

I know so many people who have been bitten by the spinning bug. I'm still holding out. But
I'm seriously tempted when I see posts like this. So much woolly goodness! :-)

Mama Stone said...

Ah, it's fun. I don't think I will do it terribly often, but it's nice to know I *can.*