If you find a caterpillar, feed him apple juice (Giveaway!)

on Friday, October 3, 2008

but if you find a rattlesnake, turn him loose!

I`ve recently taught myself how to make these super fun little snake toys, and figured I`d give one away! Just post a comment here, for one entry. For an additional two, blog about this giveaway! (3 total!)
Contest ends on October 19th at 9:00pm EST - entrants will have their names tossed into a hat, and chosen by one of my sweet children.
Your snake may or may not be the same as the one shown in the above picture - you could get something entirely different -my choice from my yarn stash - it`s a suprise! Will measure 10 to 15 inches in length, and be made out of 100% wool yarn.

6 whispers:

Giftbearer said...

I would love a python with markings!

Anonymous said...

How cute!!!

Angela said...

just found your blog from little seedlings blog. cute snake - my almost 4 year-old is really into reptiles - she'd love one of those!

mattscraftywife said...

Oh how cute!

I'm mattscraftywife on etsy also.

iris said...

hi, such a cute little toy...found your blog also from little seelings blog.

Lou said...

Very cute :-) My kids would enjoy a snake, especially my son! He found a rattler a few months back when we were on vacation and he's been hooked ever since lol!