Election Canada: 2008

on Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So, I'm sure every Canadian knows that today is election day. And I know many canadians are still undecided and may very well not vote. Or maybe they just think their vote doesn't matter. Or maybe they just don't care - how? I don't know.
How can you not care about human rights, the rising cost of EVERYTHING, the fact that more than half of Canadians can't find a family doctor, that the minimum wage in most provinces is not enough to support a single person, let alone a family?

I give a damn. This year, I am voting. I'm voting for the first time ever because I know something has to be done. Our rich are thriving while the poor and middle class get poorer. The gap grows exponentially each year that passes.
And what do the two major parties in Canada want to do? Continue to widen that gap.
So I am voting for Canada's New Democratic Party. The NDP. The party that stands to do something FOR the little guy.
Jack Layton wants to raise Canada's minimum wage to $10 per hour (I think the current high is $8.50 per hour, in Nunavut). He wants to give us better access to perscription drugs and post secondary schooling. He wants to make sure we get more family doctors into the system. Create new jobs to be filled by Canadians, put all of Employment Insurance taxes into EI payouts, stop giving companies huge tax cuts.
Jack Layton is doing it for the little guy.

I'm voting for Ann Chambers and Jack Layton, and I hope that even one person who reads this will go out and vote NDP, because every last vote makes a difference. EVERY vote.

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Stacy said...

hey mama stone. great post. i love it when people are conscious and opinionated (like me!) i always vote because i think we are so fortunate to have that right and not have to fight for it the way some people in other countries do. if i could hand pick our next prime minister over our choices i would choose jack layton in a heartbeat. in our riding however the race is just waaaaay too close between the conservative and liberals. i absolutely do not want to see a conservative majority - that really scares me. so today i voted liberal. ABC - Anyone But Conservative for me. :)