The last taste of summer...

on Thursday, October 2, 2008

We've experienced a few suprisingly warm days here in Vancouver this week. Mother Nature is just teasing us with a last taste of Summer before we decend into months of rain and a little bit of snow.

Keilyn and I have spent these lovely warm days lounging in the park while Corbin goes to school. I'm afraid there won't be many more days in the park under big oak trees this year, unless we want soggy bottoms. The leaves are slowly turning and falling from their branches, and you can feel the crispness of Fall in the air.
Gone are the days of playing at the beach or simply in the hose outside. It was fun while it lasted, though.

Now we get to jump in piles of leaves, instead, and break out the warm woolies - hats, scarves and mitts.
Speaking of scarves - Corbin asked me to make him one! How cute. I didn't even know he knew what a scarf was :P SO he will be getting a scarf/mitt set sometime in the near future, once I clear up all my customs.

Look what's in my hyenacart shop right now - isn't this one absolutely TDF set? A playsilk by Beneath The Rowan Tree, soft shoes by Z to A Baby, the raglan is by Katydid Creations and the yarn (to be knit by me) is Small Farm Yarn by G-Button Baby.
This is just one of the awesome collaborations I have up in my shop in celebration of my 3rd year anniversary on Hyenacart!
There are also several guest items, from some of Hyenacart's fabulous vendors. Check out the fat sheep bulky merino Hexe longies by Just Sheepy! The current bid is only 46.00 - what a steal for such expertly knit longies!
This Pumpkin Patch 3pc baby set by The Cherub's Closet would be simply darling on any infant.
ALl the items are just amazing, and worth checking out even if you're not buying! Hyenacart has such a weath of talented moms!

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Anonymous said...

I love reading Vancouver blogs, like yours! Yes, the weather has been so nice this Sept. I don't like it when it turns to rain. Good for you relaxing in the park. How lovely!