My (almost) 4 year old's first haircut

on Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I used to say we would get Corbin's haircut when he turned 3, because 2 year olds need to have crazy hair. But then we grew to love his curly whirly mop, as did he, and couldn't do it.
We waffled back and forth about cutting his hair forever only because of the huge fight it caused everyday... apparently young boys don't enjoy washing and brushing their hair.

At just over a month to his fourth birthday.. it was most certainly time.

So on July 11th, we took him to Beaner's in Red Deer, AB (Did I mention we're on another visit wit my parents?), much to his chagrin. It was an event full of mixed emotions, but the kid-friendly amosphere made it much easier. A ballpit, ride-on machines for chairs and plasma TVs playing disney movies at all the cutting stations.

Choosing his new hairstyle was difficult, but eventually I settled upon what the stylist called a "ceasar," to be styled into a faux hawk or in messy spikes.

It is certainly different. I do like it, but I miss my little man's curls.

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