Welcome, Baby Ascher!

on Monday, June 30, 2008

On June 29, 2008, one of my oldest and dearest friends birthed her 5th son. I am thrilled! It sounds like a beautiful birth. He was born free at home, into the hands of his father. A very sucessful UC, an experience of pure love. Ascher entered the world at 11:53 AM, approximately 50 minutes after labour began, weighing a whopping 10lb 11oz!

I am so incredibly proud, and happy! I wish I could have been there... we are both in agreement that I will be making the trip out to Indiana for the birth fo their next baby, in 2 years or so. :D

I have seen photos, but i won't be sharing any until I can get permission from Kandi. Maybe one of him in the Polar Morn set I knit for him? :P We shall see!

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Michelle said...

Congrads to your family! =)