A Keilyn Update

on Saturday, May 31, 2008

Keilyn rocking a goodmama
Originally uploaded by lemamastone
Keilyn is getting to the age where she enjoys choosing her own clothes. This includes diapers. I swear, she goes for the goodmamas every time. I guess she likes them. That's OK, because I do too :)

She's sure getting big now, it's amazing. She talks so much, and even has 3 molars. That makes a total of 11 teeth, with one more molar coming in. She has enough hair for me to pull into a tiny pigtail at the back. She always tears them out within an hour, though. Today I braided it, but she managed to knot up a bunch of her hair to the point where I had to snip a knot out.

She is still all about shoes... boy, are we in trouble.

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