Suddenly, summer!

on Sunday, May 25, 2008

I know it is technically still spring, but weather wise it is certainly summertime! Barely two weeks ago it was pants and long sleeves to go outside - even raincoats! Now we've tossed aside the tights and jeans - it's time for shorts and dresses, baby! Heck - It's about time for swimming suits and Granville Island water park! I'm so excited :) I don't know why more fo the water parks don't open in May. It's too hot, already!

We've been spending a lot more time in our backyard. It's weird because it doesn't really feel like ours, as we share it with two other families. However, neither of them use it much. We'd might as well, right? The owners, upstairs, actually took my potted Mother's day plants and planted them in their garden when I had set them outside for some sunlight,probably thinking another in the household had purchased them. I feel like it's my garden too, now.

In some business news, I've joined a congo! Mama Stone Creations will now be stocking graphics - shop templates & the like - at Creatively Serene on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month. My first stocking with this group of wonderful women will be on June 2!

I've also com up with a few cute little things, toy-wise. Here we have a tooth fairy pillow, shaped like a tooth! There is a little 2x2-ish pocket on the back for the big exchange. I have to credit my friend Jessie with the idea - this one was for her daughter. I'll be refining this pattern and hopefully stocking these cuties in June!

And mini cupcakes! Just like my full-sized cupcakes, but loaded with 10 times the cuteness!

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