NB Polar Morn set

on Thursday, February 14, 2008

NB Polar Morn set
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Finally done! Well, almost. All that is left to do it a pair of scratch mits.
This is the last pair of shorties for my dear friend, Kandi. I feel like I have been working on her stuff forever :P Probably because I have. Never, ever tell me to take my time!
The photo shows the shorts and hat before blocking. I was too excited to show Kandi, I had to do it before hand!

Shortly after taking this (and a few other) photos, my camera decided it was going to give me a lens error. Something I was expecting, as the lens cover has been jammed open since January 5, but hoping to avoid as long as possible.
So of course, I was rather upset. I loved my little camera, despite all the heck it has given me. (Canon Powershot a540) I'd assume this would be the death of my camera, a belief reinforced by reading responses to "Help me!" posts.
In a slough of hopeless posts, I came across this:
"I had this error show, visited various websites including Canon who recommended I send it for service but were not optimistic about the chances of repair. I felt I had nothing to lose, so I switched it on and before the error shut it down I gave it a good sharp tap against a soft wooden surface. It worked instantly. Good luck."

While thinking to myself that I must be crazy for even considering this... I said what the heck and smacked my camera down on my desk. VOILA! Working camera! Who would have thought?

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