Snow, glorious snow!

on Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Last night we caught a few inches of snow here in Vancouver, and then a bit more late this morning.

I'm finally starting to catch the novelty of snow here. I grew up getting snow dropped on me for at least half of the year in Alberta. When we moved here, one of the biggest pros on my list was NO SNOW! Now I get a little excited when we see some of the white stuff, especially if it sticks.

So we enjoyed a short hour in the snow. Keilyn spent most of it standing in one spot, afraid to move, until we got some of the snow off the ground. Where did we put it? Into a snowman and snowbaby! Our first ones of the year. Any other time we'd had snow, it melted away before we got to play or it was in Alberta and too dry to even make a snowball. Corbin picked out all the rocks and helped roll the top two tiers of the snowman.

Later tonight we'll have to go on a walk in search of sticks and get carrots for the noses, then search through the house for some extra snow clothes to keep our snowbuddies warm through the night.

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yellowfish said...

the snowman and snowbaby are adorable :)