Hyena Spotlight : The Cloth Canoe

on Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I really love when I get to blog about fellow Canadians, especially diaper making ones. Enter Geneviève of The Cloth Canoe. Geneviève offers an assortment of cloth diapers and cloth pads. They are not just ordinary diapers, though. You really MUST see the detail put into these beautiful things!

Fabulous, isn't it? Decorative top stitching on diapers, embroidered business name. Oh so beautiful. Not to mention those delicious organic fabrics. Yummy! My lust for fitted diapers is going berserk right now. Geneviève also does all-in-ones, gorgeous bamboo velour prefolds and printed fitteds too.

Huge cheers for another fantastic Canadian wahp! You can find
Geneviève on hyenacart here and here, as well as on her own blog, here.

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jane said...

wow, beautiful dipes!! when my little guy was in cloth, i was a bit of a hyena myself, lusting after luxe baby dipes, kiwi pie covers, and mosaic moon longies. thanks for showing off her beautiful work and i hope all is well with you and yours.