on Monday, January 28, 2008

It's been a while since I've gotten anything in the mail, a good two months. Goodies in the mail are one of those things that really brighten someone's day.

While fluffymail isn't exactly for me, it is when I get to finally see the fruits of my labour. I spend days, even weeks, looking for cute cloth diapers. Once the perfect fluff is caught, I spend a few more weeks stalking the mailman. Then one day, the package is in my hands! The excitement of tearing open a big squishy envelope is almost payment enough! I ooh and ahh over the wondrous poop-catcher that had previously resided inside, and insist that my hubby look at and pet them before prepping them for wear.
Then the next time a diaper is dirtied, I get to lovingly select one of the new guys and see how it fits and performs. See how cute it looks on my little sweetheart.
If I have to change stinky, smelly diapers... I might as well have something cute to look at!

This week three fitteds joined the team. A Patchwork Pixie Elfin Under owls print, Spooky Kitty Collective in the anime girls print and an Unnamed WAHM-made fitted. All three of them are already being well loved! Kiki tends to reach for the SKC when given the choice, but *I* like the owls on the PWP.

And lucky me! Soon a few more, and some various other handmade goods will be making their way to my house. What fun!

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