Hyena Spotlight : Pirate Booty Baby!

on Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pirate Booty Baby is a relatively new shop on the Hyenacart scene, but a definite goodie!

Karma, now a mama of twins, developed the shop as part of an assignment in her post-secodary schooling, and developed it throughout her time at Columbus College of Art and Design. After graduating with highest honors and BFA in Fashion Design, she went on to open Pirate Booty Baby in October of 07. Way to follow through, mama ;D

Pirate Booty Baby carries a great line of baby and children's clothing, including the very creative "Underwool," a wool undershirt and soaker combined into one awesome baby item!

Now before I head on to the showcase item... help me chant. "I'm on the wagon, I'm on the wagon!" I'm having a hard time resisting this one!
This AppleFairy Princess Dress is currently sitting in stock at hyenacart. I can't believe it hasn't been snatched up, with that rich chocolate corduroy, and sweet apple print. It's a multi-layer dress that would be perfect for all seasons. I might have to fall off the wagon here!!

Karma is destined to be an asset to the hyenacart community. You can find her at her website, on hyenacart, or writing her own blog!

2 whispers:

anna said...

I love those wool tops! Thanks for doing your weekly hyena picks, I rarely go on there anymore, it is so overwhelming.

Mama Stone said...

No problem, I'm happy to share :P Have you been there since the forums were added? I think that they make HC a little easier to handle.