Hyena Spotlight : Painted Patootie and Fishnoodles

on Sunday, January 6, 2008

One big addition to my blog for the new year is the Hyena WAHP Spotlight. Once or twice a week I will be blogging about one of Hyenacart's fabulous Work-at-home-parents. Diapers to clothes to toys and everything in between!

This week, the spotlight is on Painted Patootie/Fishnoodles!

Sometimes those of us in the cloth diapering world get a little bored of solid color and print pocket diapers and are looking for something different. Dawn of Painted Patootie and Fishnoodles offers just what the name states - hand painted diapers! Something totally different, how often do you find painted diapers? Especially painted diapers that will stand up to the heavy duty washing that cloth dipes go through? Not often! Each diaper is tested and the paint is to last the reasonable life of the diaper - very cool!

Dawn offers a variety of custom painted and sewn pocket diapers and diaper covers, as well as Fishnoodles - Dawn's own line of hand-painted tee's!

Shiver-me-timbers!! The pirate-lover in me adores her super awesome skully and cross rattles design.

With these handpainted diapers and t-shirts, your sweetheart can be dressed in original hand-painted works of art!

You can find Dawn on Hyenacart, her site and at her own blog!

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