First Keilyn, now my turn.

on Sunday, January 6, 2008

"No wise man ever wished to be younger."
-Johnathan Smith

Yesterday was my own birthday, but that portion of the day was relatively low key. Now that I have my own children, I tend to take a back seat most of the time even on "my day." That's ok, though, as I take great joy in their day-to-day lives.

We celebrated both Keilyn and my own birthday with family - he small birthday party I'd mentioned in my previous post. My mom and dad drove 12 hours just to be here for it. It was fantastic. Mar and Aimee had decorated and everything, there were pink balloons everywhere! I hadn't expected any decorating, so walking in to that was really amazing.

My mom and I had made a yummy lunch for everyone. Roast beef au jus sandwiches. We sliced into the (very large) roast before cooking, inserting cloves of garlic all over. No added salts, just fresh garlic. The garlic roasting inside the meat smelled wonderful. We sliced the meat without removing the garlic - a tasty treat for the garlic lovers in our family. The rest of the meat had a perfect, smooth taste. Wonderful! This was served along side an assortment of raw veggies and a curry dip. The dip made for one very happy baby, Keilyn wanted to eat it alone but settled for dipped broccolis.

Opening gifts was fun. Corbin got right in there and helped. I think he is still in Christmas mode and Keilyn was a little on the sleepy side by this point. The boxes were the most fun for her, anyways! Isn't that always the truth? Babies and boxes go hand in hand.

Oh and cake! I tend to forget about cake until the last minute. I was placing calls to bakeries at 10am, desperate for a 8" cake suitable for a first birthday. I finally found one that agreed to make a fresh cake, and decorate it especially for Keilyn. What luck! It was an adorable little cake. Far more sugary than I'd hoped, (I had originally planned on making my own baby-friendly cake, but our time was so limited!) but still good. Once in a while very sweet treats are alright :) Especially when instead of eating it, it's more-so bathed in!

I didn't intend on this party being for me at all, but our loving families all thought I deserved a little appreciation on my birthday and made it so. My parents even found a special, more grown-up Tiramisu cake for me. A yummy treat for all the adults present, and a nice surprise for me.

After a great time surrounded by our loving families, my parents took us out for a lovely sushi dinner. Sushi is my favorite food, needless to say I was thrilled.
Then we spent the rest of our evening enjoying some movies and playing with the kiddies. It was very nice day and made me incredibly happy.

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Ella said...

Happy Birthday!!!
i'm opposite you - i always took the back seat on my own birthday before being a mama but now i feel all deserving of a special day. ha.
Looks and reads as though you had a really great day! happy happy.