Here fishy, fishy

on Friday, January 18, 2008

Was yesterday ever busy for us! We braved the yucky weather in favor of a trip to Stanley Park with Auntie Kirstyn. She's visiting until Sunday, which makes for very happy children in my house, and a very happy mommy.

After a very long, crowded bus trip,
we met a friend of Kirstyn's at the park and spent the first hour and a half strolling along, taking in the sights. Corbin was not too thrilled with this, as he had been expecting to play when he heard the word "park," not walk.
Luckily, I had the insight to tow along the stroller as well as the sling. No arms were left aching :)

We saw a ship come in to the port. Keilyn almost woke up when the horn blew. I pointed out the orange cranes unloading cans after can, and Corbin yammered on about how Daddy works on the big ships.

We walked around for a long time while Kirstyn and her friend shot photo after photo. Shortly after Keilyn finally woke and Corbin had decided he'd walked far enough, we decided that it was far too chilly to be outside any longer and opted for a tour of the Vancouver Aquarium.

I'd not been to the aquarium in a good 8 years, so I was a little surprised. I'd forgotten that there was more to the aquarium than just fish. We saw snakes, caimans, a sloth, various birds and even two marmosets. Our favorite exhibits were the various jellyfish, sharks, and the caiman environment. Keilyn even put up protest when we began to leave the jellyfish, so we lingered for a while longer.

After one last romp in Clown Fish Cove, we headed for the bus. It was starting to get dark and both kids were exhausted. Corbin dozed off during our travels while Keilyn wooed all the other passengers. :)

2 whispers:

Ella said...

i love the aquarium. The jelly fish are my favorite. Sometimes i wish i could just be there to spend some time on my own rather than be towed quickly from one thing to the next by a toddler. The crocodile shot is amazing!!!!!!

Mama Stone said...

You could go with mine - He would watch the jellyfish all day long if he could!
My sister is certainly growing into an amazing photographer :) I'll pass on your comment.