Is it really December already?

on Saturday, December 1, 2007

And even more shocking... it's snowing! And it's actually sticking. It snowed for bout 5 minutes earlier this week, melting immediately as it fell on the (still green) grass. But today it's sticking! So after Keilyn went for her first nap, Corbin and I went outside for a quick run in the snow.

So. Much. Cute.
It was incredibly adorable seeing him play in the little bit of snow we have. I've never been a big fan of the snow, but his joy over the white stuff has given me a new appreciation for it.
He caught snowflakes on his tounge, made footprints in the fresh powder, and pointed out all the places that were covered in it.
"Snow dogs! Can you hear it?" with his hand cupped around his ear, listening intently. It was actually a bird, but I'm happy to let him imagine.

December brings the need to craft. Many people this year are receiving handmade Christmas gifts, something I haven't done since I was a kid. I'm excited and hopeful. Handmade gifts are so much more personal. Not only do they carry thought, but effort and love. I hope they go over as well as I am imagining.
The adorable little monster pictures to the left is for one of my sisters, K. Knit with wool, gently stuffed with wool. All around yumminess. I'm making similar ones for the kids. I started Corbin's back in August. It was originally meant as a birthday gift but wasn't completed in time. It is still incomplete. Upon seeing the plans, K gushed about how adorable it was and mentioned wanting one for herself. Taa-da!

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YummyYarn said...

I love making stuff for Christmas. It meets my assorted Christmas gift needs of giving things that are meaningful, personal, unique, and not expensive. And it lets me keep up my usual schedule of going to the mall no more than once every two months. Cutie little monsters! (the knitted one, not the human one -- he looks totally unmonstrous in the picture).