Maternal creations arts&craft fair

on Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wow. After a few busy weeks of preparation, the Maternal Creations Arts&Craft show was this past weekend. My very first craft fair, my first time selling my gear anywhere off of the internet and my first time away from Keilyn for a lengthy period of time on day 2.

The whole thing was quite the experience. I went in just looking to learn a little and hoping to sell just one wool cover. I met my goal, a wool cover was sold, as well as a few other things. My felted wool balls did especially well. One woman snatched up 6 in a variety of colours. I've learned a lot about craft shows, what local parents are looking for and gained a few tips from other crafters (ie: create a blog *wink*). I've met some wonderful crafty mama's, though I did not really get to connect with them as well as I'd hoped. There is always online!

(A few shots of my table. You can see Jess' cards next to the adorable matryoshka dolls by Little Red Caboose on the right. On the left you see one of the adorable pairs of baby socks knit by my other neighbor. Did anyone catch her web address? I lost it!)

It was quite a twist for the clinic... I've only ever seen it as a calm, relaxing place. This weekend it was a bustling market filled with amazing works of art, creative yumminess, and of course - the constant parade of babies! Big ones, small ones, even brand new ones. Noisy ones, quiet ones, sleeping ones... ahh babies. All of those cuties have staved off my unfounded baby lust for the week.

I regret not budgeting in some money to spend on the beautiful crafts at the fair. I think Corbin may have been into the silk streamers, crowns, play slings. Keilyn could have used her own special quilt, footies, yet another hat, or a "buddha baby" t-shirt :P Luckily, I can always try contacting these mamas again, as they are local. Hooray for buying local! I was, however, gifted one of those sweet matryoshka ornaments. She is beautiful, and currently dangling off my refrigerator where I can see her all the time.

I can't wait until next year, I am so stoked up to try again. Thank you to Lehe for putting together such an amazing event!

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Ella said...

a fun show indeed! That was brave of you to do your first show with Keilyn being so young. I would have been a basket case.You were so calm and collected with your beading and knitting. Well done mama. i didn't get to ask you if your babes were born with the support of Pomegranate midwives?

Ashley said...
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Mama Stone said...

Thank you very much! Honestly, I was a little basket case inside. I came home to a happy baby, though. She had some very rare one on one time with her daddy.
Keilyn was born with the help of the Pomegranate midwives. Amy and Allison assisted me through an unplanned home birth. They were great and I recommend them to everyone I know :P
Corbin was born in Alberta. Unfortunately midwifery based care is not a terribly feasible option there, so he was born in hospital.

~jane said...

it was fun, wasn't it :) your woollies and your daughter are both very sweet . . .

with your new blog and all, welcome to blogland!