A new day begins.

on Monday, November 26, 2007

I've done this before, but not for a while. It shouldn't take me long to get this blog up and running. I think I'm nearly finished already, actually.
All I have yet to do is download photos from my camera, so I can provide a real entry. I certainly have plenty to write about after a busy weekend at my very first craft fair!

So for now, I say adieu. :)

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lunabellesf said...

I tried to send you a message on youtube but it wouldnt let me so i have left it in a comment....feel free to delete :)

Thank you so much for sharing :) I think it is absolutely wonderful that your family was present and especially your little boy. People who want to shelter themselves from reality are missing out on the true essence of life. Such a blessing for your little boy to witness LIFE.