Away on a jet plane

on Friday, December 7, 2007

Finally, a break! On Wednesday we took a short flight high above the clouds, and landed in a powdered winter wonderland. We touched down in Calgary, Alberta at 4:20 pm, a little later than expected.

Here we got our REAL first taste of winter. Boy, oh boy! I forgot how COLD it gets here! I haven't spent a December at home since 2004. It was -9 degrees Celcius when we landed, and droped to -19 by the time we arrived at my parents' house. (a hour and a half-ish drive from the airport) Unbelievable! They had to bring me a suitable coat!

Luckily, the kids had warm enough gear for traveling. Corbin does, however, still need snow boots so we can play outside!His hat was just finished in before we got on the plane - it hadn't been blocked yet, hence the wonkiness.

We've all been having a great time. It's nice to have 5 extra sets of hands around to help out with the kids. I feel so relaxed! Most of the day I am still all alone with them, but I can actually have uninterrupted alone time. The kids are too busy to wonder where Mommy is when I need a bit to myself. It is beautiful! :P

We have some big plans while we are here! The day we arrived was my Mom's birthday. We had cake, singing and gave her the lovely Grandmother's Bracelet I made to the right.
Tonight, I am going to a Van Halen concert with my parents and some family friends., the kids will be at my Aunt and Uncle's house. Corbin and my cousin, Harry, are but 4 months apart in age. The will have a blast playing. Harry has the most amazing play kitchen, I bet they spend the whole evening playing in it... again!
Tomorrow is a Children's Christmas party for Corbin, and on Sunday we might just head to the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Corbin is starting to get interested in dinosaurs, so it's sure to be a big hit!

I always enjoy my trips to Alberta, it's great to see my family again while getting a little bit of a vacation from real life. The rest I get here leaves me refreshed and ready to start again with the kids. I can read and play with my kids again without feeling burnt out or over-worked when it's done.

And that is a very, very good thing.

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