Fingerless Frankenstein.

on Thursday, December 11, 2008

I knit my handspun yarns seen in this post. It is a lone fingerless mitten. I don't have any of the green yarn left, and thus can not make a matching mitten... but I'm pleased with it. It's an ugly little loner, but it was far more satisfying to knit my own yarn than yarn I had simply purchased. I'm afraid I might really be bitten by the spinning bug now that I've actually knit the yarn.

2 whispers:

Mary Smith said...

Looks like you have tons of things on Etsy right now! Hope you are enjoying all this snow and festive activities too!!

Phoenix said...

yeah so i tried crocheting... yeah i know, not knitting. but nonetheless i taught myself (you know my husband thinks nonetheless isn't a word?) and well i made some face scrubbies and a scarf for my mom. but i think i'm going to give the knit/crochet gauntlet to someone else. it's so much work. so kudos to you for being so fabulous at it. it's really addicting but takes FOREVER! i don't know how people can do it and charge so little sometimes. it's crazy. but seriously... that stuff is HARD!