Art in Chocolate

on Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Could there ever be a more true statement? I don't think so. There is a chocolate out there for everybody!

Today, we took a trip down Commercial Drive for the Daddy's favorite pizza. While he and Corbin sat waiting for the pizza, I walked up and down the street with Keilyn on my back. We happened upon a rather large sign stating "Handmade Chocolate."
Of course, this called to me and we had to go in. Dutch Girl Chocolates.

The glass display was covered with a table cloth, which I soon found was because the heat outside was too much for the sweet little lovlies. I browsed the rest of the shop, and asked a few questions - can't go seeming *too* desperate, now can we :P
Once that table cloth had been lifted from the chocolate's glass confines... I was pleasantly suprised to find the most beautiful chocolates I had ever laid eyes on. Little pieces of chocolate artwork.
I quickly selected 8 little beauties, not to expose the others to the sun's hot rays. They were packed into a little box, and came home with me. Mango Delight, Pomegranate, Dutch Brandy, Fireball Truffle, Organic Matcha Green Tea, Pistachio and 2 Mojito.

Thus far, I've only sampled one of the Mojito flavours. It was heavenly, and I know the other 6 types will be just as simply divine.... if I can bring myself to eat them. They're just oh so pretty!

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Anonymous said...

That is some fabulous chocolate! We'll have to check out that place!