Space Invasion!

on Sunday, May 4, 2008

Two new things. Firstly, I knit something for my man. Secondly... it involved a brand new technique. Fair isle knitting.
Introducing, the Space Invaders flap hat, sans flaps. Also worked in sport weight yarn (Louet Gems, charcoal and green fern). Ooh la la!

Whoa, think big! Seriously, I would consider myself a beginner knitter because I very rarely venture outside of my known areas. Which is basically knit, purl, increase and decrease. I hate color changes because it requires extra work and weaving in ends. But I went for it, because he wanted it
However, this knitting story doesn't end so well. As I changed colors, I have my strands a little tug, hence tightening them. Not the greatest asset in a hat. This made the hat too small for DH's head. He can get it on, but it creeps up and up and up. So my only option is to frog the hat. :( I'd just make a second one, but there is not enough remaining yarn and no way would he let me invert the colors. For now, the 'finished' hat has been retired to my project graveyard until I can get up the gall to frog something I worked so diligently on.

In better knitting news, I bought myself a ball winder at Wool and Wicker in Richmond. Hubby convinced me of it, I was just going to try some bamboo yarn! Anyhow, I love that thing and I don't know how I lived without it before! I do, however, need to rig up some sort of a swift. I'm going to try to make one out of the kids' Tinker Toys :P

I've also recently found myself addicted to Dance Dance Revolution, if you can call it an addiction when it's only been two days. I could play it all day long if the kids didn't need so much caring for! (I kid, I do love them ;P)

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Gracie Bird said...

Cool hat, flashed me right back to my video game days!