Feeling refreshed

on Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Business wise, anyways. :) Yesterday I redesigned my hyenacart, and began previewing my knits from the last 7 weeks, or so. It looks fresh, new and full right now. I am so pleased!
Tomorrow at noon, my hyenacart will stock with some lovely, lovely summer woolies. Each item is made with WAHM dyed yarns, which makes it even more rewarding for me.
Not only have I met a personal goal, but I've helped support some awesome mamas.

New goal: Buy more unisex and boyish colourways. Being that I have a daughter in diapers, I tend to be drawn to knitting up the more feminine colours as shorties. I don't mean to, it just happens! Bad wahm, bad!

In other news, there is a icky cold passing through the Stone household. Brandon had it and Corbin has it right now. I feel awful, his voice is so hoarse and I know it must hurt. Gives me an excuse, however, to get some extra snuggles in :)
The cold is creeping up on me, and of course Keilyn will get it last. Hopefully she builds up an immunity to it first via nursing, and skips it all together! The wonders, right?

I'd also like to show off my amazing new baby carrier. This is a No-Tie Mei Tai by Hibiscus Baby. I had to go with the Joel Dewberry aviary print - isn't it gorgeous?! Joline is an amazing seamstress - every last detail is PERFECT! She was even happy to widen and lengthen the straps for me, making it a perfect fit (now that I've figured out how to wear it correctly ;P)

I need a better photo! (Oh, did I mention I got a haircut in April? I love it!) That was taken less than an hour after I tore open my package ;) Here's one to show you the MT in better detail:
So pretty :) Sometimes I just look at it because I am *SO IN LOVE* with this carrier!

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Maggie said...

that's pretty i luv the colours...