Hyena Spotlight : Beneath the Rowan Tree

on Monday, April 7, 2008

In today's hyena spotlight, a Canadian mama is dying up a storm! Lori is the hand dying, hand painting, wool felting mommy of a sweet 2 year old girl names Rowan. She must be the obvious inspiration for their business name, Beneath the Rowan Tree! :P
BTRT is also based in my homeland, Canada! As you know, it's always exciting for me to blog about fellow Canadians. More specifically, BTRT is in Ontario.

BTRT was born out of the desire to supply her daughter with comfortable, natural, quality clothing and toys which were not readily available in their area. This lead to Lori creating clothing and playsilks gallore, and from it - Beneath the Rowan tree was sprouted. (Ok, sorry! I had to!)

I have to admit, Lori's talent awes me! She is incredibly creative and talented, and of course this shines through in her work. I'm not the only one who has noticed. After a craft fair this past weekend, many shops local are knocking on Lori's door with the desire to showcase her work in their stores! Rock on, Lori!

Now I'm going to let Lori's beautiful products speak for themselves! Visit her at http://www.beneaththerowantree.com, her hyenacart and blog. Lori also participated in a few congos - Take Off Your Shoes and In Their Hands (which is on hiatus until September)!

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