One giant leap out of my box

on Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tomorrow, things around here change in a big way. A HUGE way.

Tomorrow is the day I start my new job.

Yes, I got a job. I haven't worked outside of my home since I was like 16, not counting school. The past 3.5 years I have been a stay at home mommy, and before that a student.
I am going to have to leave my beautiful children home with their Daddy for a huge chunk of the day. I will no longer be the one who puts them to bed at night. They are not going to like that and Daddy is going to have his work cut out for him. (Corbin is already insisting I not go. "No, Mommy, you're mine!")
Keilyn has never gone to bed at night without nursing to sleep, and she does not stay asleep.

But this will be good for all of us, we will all learn and grow from this experience.

2 whispers:

ella said...

oh Ashley. that is big! i hope the transition is smooth and the result positive for the whole family.

Mama Stone said...

Thanks, Ella. I hope it continues to go well, last night was pretty reasonable. Keilyn seems fine with it, but Corbin is having an issue with his mommy being gone and not being able to do anything about it. He refused to get out of the car once they got home from dropping me off, and told Brandon that he was going to run away. (Where on earth a 3.5 year old got anything about running away, i do not know!)
But otherwise, it was alright.