Hyena Spotlight : Tush

on Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tush is another great Canadian cloth diaper biz, supplying eco-friendly diapers made with yummy bamboo and organic cotton. She offers two styles of diaper, the basic fitted and the Tush Nocturne fitted (pictured to the left). The Tush Nocturne is a nighttime diaper with 11 layers of absorbancy - no more night time changing needed!

Here is a little bit from Robin's About Me page:
"I see using cloth diapers as an extension of my own Attachment Parenting practices. I want to pamper my baby in every way and putting soft cozy natural fibres against her skin is part of this. I want her to feel comfortable and to have an awareness of her natural rhythms. To me, using and selling cloth diapers is about parenting the WHOLE baby with an appreciation of and respect for their body and the world they live in."

Recently, Robin had an all newborn stocking with some pretty amazing guest vendors. The collaboration auctions are still running and in full swing. She joined forces with Genevieve of the Cloth Canoe, Amy of Crankypants and Berrie of Moonchild Handwork Studio to create two awesome collaborations. Click each image to visit these amazing sets.

Props to her for thinking up such awesome sets and approaching the other amazing wahms to join her. Go Robin!

You can find Robin at her hyenacart shop, the Venus Vanguard congo, her main site and blog. Be sure to browse through her wonderful products and blog!

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