Hyena Spotlight : A Ray of Stitches

on Sunday, March 30, 2008

Today on the Hyena Spotlight, Jessica of A Ray of Stitches! Jessica is the maker of some really great handmade toys and games. All of those toy recalls over the past year inspired her to create safe to play with toys. No parent wants to have to think about the "what if's" while watching their child love and become attached to a toy.

Personally, I've had my eye on Jessica's memory games for a while now. What a neat idea! I remember playing memory games as a child, and they never lasted too long with younger siblings in the house. The solution? make them wooden!
Aside from the memory games, Jessica offers a huge variety of fun stuff! From dolly diapers, to tic-tac-toe... even money counting sets. Great for learning, and for playing!

You can find Jessica all over the place! Here are her website, instock cart and blog. make sure to check out the available customs in her cart!

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