Hyena Spotlight: Pumpkin Pie Baby

on Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Angela of Pumpkin Pie Baby offers both knit and crochet woolen diaper covers. You can never have enough wool, right? :)

Angela has been crocheting for 10 now, and decided to put her hooks to good use when she discovered cloth diapering. She now carries a license for the Ladybugz Peppermint Soakers and Morning Glory Longies. Also, Angela has recently began to sell knit shorties and longies under the Belladonna Designs pattern. You'll even find the odd crochet toy!

Check out this sweet crochet soaker instock right now. Who doesn't love organic? Angela also has plenty of semi-customs and Your-Yarn-My-Hook slots available right now.
For the rest of this month, Hyenacart Forum goers can use their accumulated "HyenaCash" towards shipping on products at Pumpkin Pie Baby!

You can find Angela on Hyenacart here and here, as well as at her own blog, here! Make sure you take a peek!

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